Psychic & Mediumship Sessions

I offer both mediumship and psychic services together in the same session. What I find is your spirit guides always have information to share with you, even if you’re just wanting to hear from a loved one that has passed. It’s just how I work, but I can guarantee the information that comes forward is needed at that time. I am a spiritual counselor so much of the information I do get is about soul growth and can assist you on your healing journey. I give evidential information that it IS truly your loved(s) that I am connecting with to give you messages to help heal and give clarity. I do use my Key Oracle cards in the session as an added tool to give additional information and more specific insights for your soul growth. If you’re absolutely not wanting any mediumship connection, I totally honor that. Much of the psychic information in your session may include career, love life, soul path, past life insights, and family life.

One Hour: $125.00
30 Mins: $70.00

Reiki Healing session w/ Crystal Grid Activation

My healing sessions have evolved over the years to include a multitude of high vibrational techniques and sound healing. Before you arrive I construct a crystal grid based on the information I receive about what grid is the most adventitious for you. The energy works to clear and balance your auric field and chakras with the use of crystals and hands on healing. If needed, I remove any negative attachments and stuck energy that is preventing your body to flow for your best wellbeing. Before your session we talk about your intention or need for the session and I give insights or a mini reading as to what your spiritual team is suggesting for you. The divine energy can work through you for a spiritual, emotional or physical healing, depending what you are needing at that moment. During the session I program a crystal for you to take with you that is attuned to the new frequency that was given to you. After the session I offer any additional insights and we talk about your experience and your self care moving forward.

One hour and 30min: $144.00

Small Group Readings

I offer groups with 8-12 people in your home or another venue to receive messages from spirit. These small groups never disappoint and everyone leaves with a message. I find many benefit from other peoples messages too, as many of the loving messages are universal to everyone. I am there anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours. There will be additional charges for mileage exceeding 25 minutes one way. If you’re interested in a bigger group, that is considered an audience reading but not everyone is guaranteed a message.

$35 per person

Every layer of ourselves we acknowledge, is a layer that served it’s purpose. When we seek to heal and pull back those parts of ourselves that were lost, we start to align with our authentic self.”

~Michelle Moceri

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