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What I am about

I am about helping people to see their magnificance by giving tools and insights for them to discover they had the power all along.

My journey thus far…

As a young child I could see and communicate with spirits, but never really understanding why or that it was out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until later in life in my late thirties that I was told by another medium. She was clearing my house of spirits at that time and told me I was a psychic medium. Finally, hearing those words all made sense and my world has never been the same. For the next four years all I did was focus on my gift. I was certified through a three year program in Colorado Springs, and went through a medical mediumship program in Denver. I was certified in Reiki, and I am a master teacher and give classes on meditation, psychic development, and self awakening classes to release spiritual blocks. I trained in England and took master classes with renowned medium John Holland. I am very grateful for my mentor, Paige Hall. Her guidance has made a huge impact on me. I became a licensed reverend and have a counseling psychology certificate through the IMM program for metaphysics.

I’m a proud mother and wife to my husband Carm and my three girls, Sabrina, Kayla and Ella. To all I owe a huge amount of gratitude for their patience and support as I went on this amazing discovering journey.

I’m here to help awaken and help people heal to fully step into their authentic self of a limitless soul. I’ve had many amazing experiences in the last 10 years, and much of it has to do with the feedback and stories of what a difference it has made in peoples lives. All of that is an added bonus that comes with this wonderful gift that I am humbled by and grateful for. To be of service in this way leaves me amazed and honored at the same time.

The time is now to really step into this amazing opportunity we all have to combine our God given gifts to make this world a better place. Each of us holds a Key to the New Earth Consciousness, with our unique soul signatures and codes that are READY to be fully realized. My Oracle decks are called The Key Elements~ Unlocking Nature’s Wisdom and The Key~ Unlocking Answers for Self Healing. It comes with a companion workbook/journal that greatly complements your healing journey. I’m here as a Wayshower to help you fully understand your significance to this planet. ~Michelle

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