The Key Oracle Deck w/ Workbook Journal

Each product is very high vibe and is made to assist you for your highest good. Each one is made with loving intent and is infused with healing qualities and channeled guidance.

Here is what people are saying: “The Key Oracle Deck is magical. I have some basic experience with tarot cards, but even that isn’t necessary to use this deck. The cards are so intuitive! By using The Key Oracle deck in concert with the workbook journal, anyone can identify their life challenges and then understand the opportunities those challenges bring into their life. After one session with the cards I was able to envision a theme for my year, develop an affirmation for my growth, and receive a message from my highest self on how to attain my goals. Highly recommend!! ~Karen, California

Here are a few sample cards below. The gold hue cards are the opportunity and the blue hue are the challenge cards.

*Art work for the Oracle cards and workbook/journal are by Kelly J Parsons Creative Designs for more information please click the button below

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