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Welcome Beautiful Soul Seeker!

I wanted to say hello and thank you for looking at my website. I wanted to talk a little about how important 2023 will be and how you can prepare as you move into it. What I feel is 2023 will be an amazing year to empower your voice and your choice to exercise your freedom. Since 2012 we had major downloads to raise our vibration and to acclimate to the higher frequencies that came in to raise the energy of our planet. It also rocked people’s world by getting some major but also challenging with wake-up calls and in some cases a total realignment of their lives. Much crumbled and had to be built anew, which is a good thing, but caused much unrest to those not ready to level up. Even those that consider themselves “awake” had a difficult time. It shook us ALL! So many rugs had to be pulled out from underneath us so we could see what was holding us back. Much of the last 10 years was about figuring out what needed to be healed and released while navigating relationships and job security. In those past 10 years we were acclimating to the higher frequencies that opened up during the 2012 gateway. Now moving into 2022 it’s embodying what we learned and fully stepping into our new and improved selves. This will be a game changer on ALL levels. Within ourselves and our society much will change to be realigned on a new vibration. Many will notice their psychic abilities are heightened and will be drawn to learn how to access those gifts. Those that are not ready and are still hanging onto the old way with white knuckles, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. When we fully embrace our higher selves and step into our magnificence, the ride is much smoother as we are in the flow and rhythm of the universe. Everyone holds a special Key element that is vital to the collective to create a New Earth. The time is now to realize yours and share it with the world.

Ways you can step in and lean into this new timeline, is by first, giving yourself credit about how far you have come. Release the old programming and the self punishment and self sabotaging ways of being are done now. Claim your worth with a clean slate this year, and no extra baggage is allowed on this ride! Evaluate what no longer serves your highest good, in ALL aspects of your life. No more people draining your energy, say “yes” to saying “NO”, reset boundaries, no more being last on your “to do” list either. Meditate and set your intention for this amazing 2022 energy. We made it to this beautiful new way of being with so much clarity!. Think about ways you can be a bigger role in creating this New Earth. Each morning when your feet hit the floor, state your intention of how you’re going to show up that day, and take ownership of the energy you’re putting out into the world. Embody it, Create it, BE it.

Using The Key Oracle Deck and workbook journal will assist in helping you navigate your healing process. My spirit guides have shown me a unique way to use them that I haven’t seen before, so I’m super excited to share this with you. It shows you the challenges that you need to clear, but also the great opportunities that are available to you during your awakening journey. I plan on offering workshops and webinars with the cards and workbook so you know how to fully utilize them. Stay tuned for upcoming events.

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